Sunday, November 8, 2009

What time did you say it was???

I am having a great time at the crop. So far I have taken 4 of my classes and one more tomorrow morning. I am really enjoying it. I have finished 6 pages and I am looking forward to tomorrow to see if I can get a few others done tomorrow. I took a photo from the front of the room and it was amazing to see all the red t-shirts. Here in Nebraska they are really big into Husker Football, which by the way is college football. If you weren't wearing the t-shirts from the crop which were red and lots of people, we are taking women here people... wearing red Huskers shirts. It was amazing how many people went home or someplace to watch the game. It was really good actually and I enjoyed listening to it, I got in the scrapping zone and got some good work done,, which must have made me feel right at home listening to football while I scrap, since Don usually walks away and leaves the games on on Sundays while I scrap. So it looked like a sea of red.

I have met some really great people here... most of which are Vern's friends here at the crop. Jenny, who is a sweet girl who is having a baby in 4 days, well that is what the doc says. She was sooo cute and I enjoyed chatting with her while I scrapped today. Then there was Lori who works with Vern and she spent the night with us,,, we giggled like little girls on a sleep over. So it was fun the few hours we spent here! We got here about 1:30 AM and left by 9:20 AM. The people here are really nice and I have liked seeing the different lay of the land. Really different from home. The hills roll here.

Well tomorrow is another day of scrapping at the crop untill about 5 I think so we will be heading back to Norfolk,,, which by the way is pronounced Norfork. A very interesting story how the name of the town became that,,, A postal auditor came to inspect the post office and whatnot and he thought that the name of the town was spelled wrong as North Fork which was the place that it was called. It was called this because of a river that ran through here and the area was just referred to as as Norfork, since the auditor didn't recognize this as the name, being that he was from out of town he changed the r to an l and it became Norfolk. Every time Vern would say the name of the town I thought it was her accent that made it sound like Norfork and not Norfolk. So now I know the secret of Norfork, oops Norfolk NE!

On that note I will try to get some photos post tomorrow. It is 2:30 AM here and I have a class at 10:30 tomorrow morning,,, so I need to get some sleep but I wanted to catch everyone up on what has been going on!


  1. glad your having a great time! Can't wait to see your pages!

  2. Me too, all those pages done I really want to see what you have done.

  3. I will be posting them sometime soon... I hope. LOL