Thursday, November 5, 2009

How did I get this much SBing Stuff???

Is what Veronica is thinking this morning, well afternoon I have no concept of time. I'm really far behind... it seems.... I don't think it would have been so bad had we not just done the daylight savings time thing,,, ohh and I slept late after getting in at about 2 AM.

I forgot to tell you about when we were decending to land in Chicago the lights of the city looked like someone laid white rope lights down in a squiggly pattern and then laid a blanket of white lights on the ground. So it was primarily red and white... I thought it was sooooo beautiful.. and then the air port had blue lights on the runways. It was really cool.

The flight from Ohare to Omaha was good,,, since I already mentioned the fun in the airport I sat next to a nice guy I thought was young but I think only a bit younger... not real young. I think I have not a clue... cute... and young-looking... hummm and very tired. I read my book and kept looking down and seeing the same thing... small areas of lights very neat flying at night.

It was sooo great... I called Vern from the plane and she said,, what you do mean you landed already...???? She had gotten caught in some construction so she said she would meet me at the baggage claim.... which she did... it was too funny,,, the first thing out of her mouth was.... Are you moving here??? As I stood there looking rather touristy... (her word) trying to grab multiple bags.... 2 HUGE Bags one being all scrapbooking stuff.... She was like Holy crap! Too funny,,, it was great to see her though and we huged like long lost buddies! I'm sure everyone there heard us... "AAAAAAAAA"""" It was great... I knew her in an instant... Thank God for web cams! She made me this cute map of Nebraska that said Welcome to Nebraska... it is such pretty country out here.. now that have seen it in day light.

So we chatted for the 2 hours it took to get here and then crashed. I was beat and sore from carrying my computer bag... yeah,, bringing my big laptop was both good and bad... I love having it though.

It seems that we have been friends forever... and are just enjoying not having to hold phone to talk,,, She makes me feel so at home here... and the coffee is great!!! Perfect!

Well we are off to get some prints made then jazzercise and allergry medicine... not in that order,,, I'll load some more pics from the plane later.

That's all for now folks!

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