Monday, November 9, 2009

I wish I could remember....

my history! I can't remember what Lewis and Clark did other than the fact they were explorers and I haven't had the time to research. Anyhow we went to a state park along the Missouri River.. was really neat to see,,, and there were signs about Lewis and Clark. Here are some photos I took while we were there today....

When we stopped at the office to get our day pass... yes you have to pay 4 dollars to drive around and spend anytime in this state park... anyhow... the guy asked us if we were counting the deer,,, I was like,, uhmmm not yet? Well... we got into the park and there were 4 of them close to the road that were just eating and watching us... I took a ton of photos.. and guess what... uhhmm DUH no card in my camera... how stupid can I be?! So I put the card in it and got a few more good shots but man those were close and beautiful... a great big doe and 2 smaller ones. We saw all total something like 32 I think it was. They were so beautiful. This whole state park was beautiful and was up on a hill (big hill) over looking the Missouri river. I took lots of shots with the hopes of being able to weld them into a big panoramic.

Here were some really pretty ones. We saw mainly does because the bucks were skittish and didn't want to be photographed... LOL.... as did see 2 of them.. but never got a pic. The vista was awesome on top of that hill... Just amazing! I was so keyed on the way home after seeing all those deer!

I know I told you about the crop but here are a couple photos... this one is of Vern by the sign of this awesome little restaurant/coffee place... Way yummy coffee!

The theme of the crop was Hollywood and TV... one of the owners of the store there that was putting the crop on was kind enough to take our photo! So here we are being Crop Stars!!!

Tomorrow is an early morning as we are heading out to see the black hills and Mt. Rushmore and some other sites. Whaa whooo,,, I had better get to sleep! 6:30 is going to come very quickly!!

More tomororw!


  1. The park looks really pretty, shame you couldn't get the males, they can be quite amazing.

  2. Nice photos.. and really nice to see you two together!

    And Marianne doesn't your camera have any internal memeory at all?

  3. Not the big one. :( That was another head banging moment of STupid STUPID STUPID!