Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm ready for spring!

I do believe that sometimes I admit to sticking my head in the sand an ignoring things, and I sometimes think this is a good thing, however... hummm maybe these days it isn't.  These are just a few of the thoughts floating about in my head.  

Picture this if you will a large pond or lake, body of water, with pretty trees and flowers and benches but in a very private place, a serene place. Now imagine looking out over the water seeing many thing floating there. This is the inside of my head... well my reality, I guess you would say,,, I know much prettier in the visual description than the anatomy description, so we will stick with that.  Right now my pretty serene place is full to the brim with "seaweed" if you will of thoughts.  Here are just a few pieces of "seaweed" from today, "why am I letting every little thing bother me?" "Why am I so unhappy no depressed??"  "Why do I feel guilt over not feeling more grief over mom's loss?"  "Why do I feel like something is winding me up until I explode in either anger or tears?"  "Why can't I just be normal like everyone else?"  "Am I buying into a fad "condition" (meaning depression), or is this a real problem relating to hormones." "Is this a self imposed pressure cooker I'm in??" 

All these things are clouding my nice clear visage of a beautiful smooth lake with all the goodness around it unable to be reflected. Is it just a winter thing?  Am I not getting enough Vit. D & K because I don't eat a nice balanced diet.  Will spring be the answer to clear the "seaweed" away and show my inner beauty again?  Will the spring rains cleanse away the debris?  

In any case I am ready for spring and really want to see green grass and feel warmth on my face.