Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More trouble than their worth?

As you might know I have a cat.  I say I and not we as if anything were to happen to the cat I would be the one paying for it soooo I have a cat even though the family really likes him, even if they won't say it!  My cat was born outside and I came by him out of my hate of hypocrisy. I don't like when people don't take responsibility for animals they obtain and the newness wears off so they just let them run-a-muck! Well we have had some cats that are feral and usually stayed away from the house but this one had kittens and I saw them out the window and was like OHHH good more mousers!  Well at the time my precious doggy was very old and would only eat her dog food if it had water on it, and once the water was soaked up she wouldn't eat it so I was regularly throwing dog food out  off my deck not thinking of course who I might be feeding well... Momma showed the babies where a food source was and went on her way,,, leaving 4 kittens, cute ones... to fend for themselves.  OHHH what an idiot I am.

A word to the wise here, think about what you want to do and how it might affect the environment!

So now I have 4 kittens on my deck crying for food, which I take responsibility whether I did it on purpose or not, I was feeding those kittens who would die if I didn't keep it up.  So I begin the adopting of these feral kittens and they won't let us touch them, OK fine they disappear, problem solved, 2 come back, problem not solved, try to give them away can only catch one! So all I have left is the grey fuzzy one who is rather cute but very very skitish.  Over the summer we get him sorta tamed along with a cute black and white one, which get given away to a good friend who loves cats! Short and long (I know too late) I get him fixed and he is welcomed inside and is a good kitty.  Till he believes he needs to feed us and brings us a mouse which isn't dead and is loose in the house freaking the kids out.  What wuss!  Ok I was something of a wuss when it was in on my dresser at the foot of my bed one night.  I freaked but I put traps out and we caught him and returned him to nature well less well than when he left it.  However when this was all going on, where was the stupid cat?  The one who brought home food or toy not sure which was on his mind at the time. I'm thinking toy because he wasn't dead. He was outside and wouldn't come in when we called as dusk.  No doubt wondering where is toy was... stupid cat!  

Well that was a few weeks ago maybe a month, and Don told me last night he felt something crawl up his leg and it wasn't the cat. GRRR!  When did he do this again?????  Guess I'll be buying some more of those sticky box traps to put around and maybe some snappy ones under the couch.  

So tell me why do I have more mice in the house with a can then when we didn't have a cat???  Is he more trouble than he's worth???  

I guess my dad was right when he said cats were pets just like wives.  You feed them, give them shelter, take care of them (debatable with my hubby) and all you get is some amusement if your lucky!  Yes I'm a pet... good thing I amusing!  Good thing the cat is cute and has the ability to supposedly lower my blood pressure but I'm not sure about that either!

Anyone want a cat?  He's cute!