Monday, February 22, 2010

What a week!

This has been a rather stressful week.  Last Wed. Don came home from his mom's in the morning and said he was going to take her into the ER because she had been having chest pains for a couple three days.  OYY!  She said she wanted to go get checked out because I wasn't going to be home all day and Don would be at work.  That was the smartest thing I think she could have done because she was feeling alright while in the ER but they were going to run some tests and keep her so I asked if she wanted me to stay home but she said she would be fine and I told her I would stop and see her when I got back.  Well about an hour after I left she had a heart attack in the ER, they were going to send her to Erie anyway but they life flighted her and she went straight to the cath lab and they put 2 stints in the mail artery which was 100% blocked. 

There have been some minor complications... first her kidney function isn't the greatest and that contrast dye they use can be hard on them, and then her blood pressure dropped really low and as did her blood count so they gave her 2 units of blood and I asked her if she was feeling better but she said she wasn't.  She hasn't been eating to good either which I am sure that has something to do with her being weak.  As the days go on I am believing that she will end up in a TCU unit for a bit to gain her strength back so she can come home.  I think things remain to be seen, I can only wonder how many more hits her health can take and still be able to live alone at home.  I guess I shouldn't both myself with it because Don is the one that will be making decisions about her care and welfare.

So today I want to continue with my Wii workouts and work on the basement and get it cleaned up and work on Project Declutter! 

I would also love to do something really creative today too... so I guess I should get busy busy busy!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project declutter.... Dinning Room!

I have been teaching my self a new habit of picking up after myself. I am working on making some better "habits." Which makes me muse about the human condition; why is it harder to form a good habit than a bad one???  They say it only takes 21 times to form a habit... hummm I maybe the exception to that rule! Did you ever notice they don't talk too much about how to BREAK a habit for good... and why is it sooo easy to go back to a bad habit than it is to go back to a good habit???  Yeah,,, I'm thinking God did this for a reason but ya know... I can't figure out why??  Maybe he thought if we were working on doing all that we wouldn't be up to the devil's work?!  OK and maybe we are just higher thinkers than animals... I sometimes wish I could be my cat or my dog they really don't have hang ups, or at least they don't complain about it! 

Over the years I've haven't always been happy with how I keep my house, and I am planning on trying to change that.  I also want to learn to be happy with me the way I am so I want to build some new GOOD habits.  I was thinking if I take this approach vs. changing myself I will hopefully stick to it this time.

So hence Project DeClutter! I want to take before and after photos to prove to myself.. how wonderful I am! (of course this remains to be seen.)  I have taken some photos but I'm not doing very well at keeping track.  I want to do a scrapbook of my journey so hopefully I will be posting some awesome creations!

Here is a neat tip I found.... Not that uhm I am needed much ice these days but hey for punches and stuff. 
Make giant ice cubes in muffin tins or plastic margarine bowls. These are perfect for using in picnic coolers or punch bowls. They look pretty and keep your drinks or food cold longer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What to do!? What to do?!

So here it is Wed. and it is snowing I have the day ahead of me and I have a host of things I really should do.

I sometimes wonder if I'm losing my mind.  I have so much stuff I think "OHH I will do that,, or ohh I'll do that, no that, ohh I want to do this... " As soon as those words or thoughts pass I forget.  I am thinking I need to carry a little notebook with me and make a list of things I want to do. I think I am going to sit down today and try to recall all those things I want to do and work on the list slowly.  :)

The mundane things I need to do is call and make a dentist appt.  to finish my root canal, and get my MIL's catheters ordered, which is a mess because the ones we thought were what we wanted were not what we wanted and now I have to send them back and see if I can guess again to get the right ones.  OYY!  I'm sure the ladies at there are ready to never hear from me again.  I sorta feel bad for them.  

I do also want to get down to the scrap room and do some more organizing done.  I will need to get some more totes I think.  I want it to look nice.  

I wish I had more umph to get stuff done. So far today I am wanting to eat,  I am trying really hard to stick to my WW points because I would love to lose 20 lbs before May 1 and the cruise.  I think I would feel better and enjoy my vacation.  So I also need to work out today too.  So far this has been a very hard day for me eatingwise and so I need to get doing something!  

Have a great day everyone!

I guess I should get off my backside...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Snow Storm???

Good morning,, apparently we are to be getting some more snow.  I guess it is Feb. in PA!  I just checked our forecast and we could get as much as much as 14 in. if we get the most they are predicting but time will tell sometimes we more or less depending on how the wind blows.  Don is gearing up for a 12 hour day today and tomorrow, but it might be over by tomorrow night so maybe just today.

I have a busy day on the book starting at 1 and ending with cutting a friend's hair and playing cards whaa who!!

You know how all the old people... ok ME... say ohh gosh the older you get the faster time flies... well I am so thinking I'm in a Ferrari on a nice flat freeway.... Like where did Jan. go???  UHMMM I'm wondering what will it be like in 20 years... maybe by then I'll be in a Porsche on the Autobahn yep,, time sure is flying by!  

My friend L'empress was talking about Jan. and how for her over the years it hasn't been a good month... and it got me thinking... gosh that is sooo true... lets see,,,, All these things have happened in Jan. to me...  Don lost his job after some 30 years of working there, Don's Dad, my grandmother, my friend Joanne, my dog Nite, all passed on in Jan. I had a blood clot in my leg just last Jan., mother in law was nuts after surgery in Dec..  Goodness all those things happened with in the last decade,,, and yeah they were pretty crappy but there was one shining moment back in 1990 on Jan. 25th that has brought me more joy and love and happiness my wonderful son, Paul was born.  I guess for me that makes up for all the not so good things that have happened in Jan. 

As I sit here the thought is developing and I was thinking how many other thing happened throughout the rest of the year... and as I think back of the big things they are scattered all over the rest of the months with not more than one or two things per month... humm how odd... if my brother was going to read this I could tease him and tell him I'm not quite sure which category his birthday falls.. heheheh... He is always teasing me like that.  I love that man!

I guess I should be heading off to tidy up and get ready for work!

Tip for the day *** Use your sweeper with the long bristles attachment to gently sweep your ceiling.  I for a long long time couldn't figure out how to get the dust that was building up on  my pebbled plaster ceiling and one day I was sucking the dust off my fan when I had an epiphany I was soo happy because it made it so nice and clean looking. Whaa whoo... 


Monday, February 8, 2010

Beautiful Day....

Good Monday morning to you all... it is a beautiful day here in Crawford County!!  It has frosted over night everything is pristine and just beautiful.. gosh haven't written in a long time I guess I need work on my adjectives and descriptions.  In the amount of time it took me to take some photos, send Don off to work the clouds have rolled in and it is now grey but that is OK since I got some pretty sunshine this morning.  I think the grey enhances Jack Frost's lovely work!!!

Here is a a photo of the sunshine this morning, this is my front yard taken in 4 different shots...

I guess I should explain the New Beginnings.... (since I have put it off long enough rambling about the weather) 
 It is a new year well semi new... and I really want to become the person that I want to be which is a more disciplined about my cleaning and cluttering.  My house isn't dirty per-say not unhealthy but could use more cleaning and organization so that is one way I am enjoying a New Beginning and also... I think I would like to start writing again,,, and enhancing my vocabulary and just having a nice journal again.  Another thing is everyone has Facebook and I do too but I just don't get into it... to be honest... it makes not one wit of sense to me.  So I am choosing to let those who would like to either ready my titillating thoughts or just plain keep up with what is happening in our Home!  (hopefully soon to be more clean and less cluttered)  I am will be sharing my progress here too!  


Today I am working on my beauty shop stuff for the tax lady and the mess in the basement so I can do a studio shoot for a friend!  

Poor Don he had to head off to work early today because yesterday on our way to a friend's for the Super Bowl a break line blew so he is heading off early to get parts so he can fix it tomorrow or the next day.  I am sad he has to work on his truck but I am rather happy to have a day where I can't go anywhere.  I have been goign to the gym 3 days a week and man it seems like I get nothing done but run to I'm hoping today I might get something done.. however,,, I am not doing so well sitting here at the computer... so I am off to get something done!

A household tip for today is vinegar and some dish soap will work wonders of grime, dirt and grease.