Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Snow Storm???

Good morning,, apparently we are to be getting some more snow.  I guess it is Feb. in PA!  I just checked our forecast and we could get as much as much as 14 in. if we get the most they are predicting but time will tell sometimes we more or less depending on how the wind blows.  Don is gearing up for a 12 hour day today and tomorrow, but it might be over by tomorrow night so maybe just today.

I have a busy day on the book starting at 1 and ending with cutting a friend's hair and playing cards whaa who!!

You know how all the old people... ok ME... say ohh gosh the older you get the faster time flies... well I am so thinking I'm in a Ferrari on a nice flat freeway.... Like where did Jan. go???  UHMMM I'm wondering what will it be like in 20 years... maybe by then I'll be in a Porsche on the Autobahn yep,, time sure is flying by!  

My friend L'empress was talking about Jan. and how for her over the years it hasn't been a good month... and it got me thinking... gosh that is sooo true... lets see,,,, All these things have happened in Jan. to me...  Don lost his job after some 30 years of working there, Don's Dad, my grandmother, my friend Joanne, my dog Nite, all passed on in Jan. I had a blood clot in my leg just last Jan., mother in law was nuts after surgery in Dec..  Goodness all those things happened with in the last decade,,, and yeah they were pretty crappy but there was one shining moment back in 1990 on Jan. 25th that has brought me more joy and love and happiness my wonderful son, Paul was born.  I guess for me that makes up for all the not so good things that have happened in Jan. 

As I sit here the thought is developing and I was thinking how many other thing happened throughout the rest of the year... and as I think back of the big things they are scattered all over the rest of the months with not more than one or two things per month... humm how odd... if my brother was going to read this I could tease him and tell him I'm not quite sure which category his birthday falls.. heheheh... He is always teasing me like that.  I love that man!

I guess I should be heading off to tidy up and get ready for work!

Tip for the day *** Use your sweeper with the long bristles attachment to gently sweep your ceiling.  I for a long long time couldn't figure out how to get the dust that was building up on  my pebbled plaster ceiling and one day I was sucking the dust off my fan when I had an epiphany I was soo happy because it made it so nice and clean looking. Whaa whoo... 


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