Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project declutter.... Dinning Room!

I have been teaching my self a new habit of picking up after myself. I am working on making some better "habits." Which makes me muse about the human condition; why is it harder to form a good habit than a bad one???  They say it only takes 21 times to form a habit... hummm I maybe the exception to that rule! Did you ever notice they don't talk too much about how to BREAK a habit for good... and why is it sooo easy to go back to a bad habit than it is to go back to a good habit???  Yeah,,, I'm thinking God did this for a reason but ya know... I can't figure out why??  Maybe he thought if we were working on doing all that we wouldn't be up to the devil's work?!  OK and maybe we are just higher thinkers than animals... I sometimes wish I could be my cat or my dog they really don't have hang ups, or at least they don't complain about it! 

Over the years I've haven't always been happy with how I keep my house, and I am planning on trying to change that.  I also want to learn to be happy with me the way I am so I want to build some new GOOD habits.  I was thinking if I take this approach vs. changing myself I will hopefully stick to it this time.

So hence Project DeClutter! I want to take before and after photos to prove to myself.. how wonderful I am! (of course this remains to be seen.)  I have taken some photos but I'm not doing very well at keeping track.  I want to do a scrapbook of my journey so hopefully I will be posting some awesome creations!

Here is a neat tip I found.... Not that uhm I am needed much ice these days but hey for punches and stuff. 
Make giant ice cubes in muffin tins or plastic margarine bowls. These are perfect for using in picnic coolers or punch bowls. They look pretty and keep your drinks or food cold longer.

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  1. Looks to me as if you have found a reason to retain more clutter. ;-)