Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Celebration is in the Air!!!

Kayla just called me all excited she is officially done with her Sports Medicine Bachelors degree. She will graduate on Sunday at 2. I am so excited for her. She said she was going to do some laundry and then take a nap! She said she didn't sleep well last night as she kept dreaming about the information she was studying for her final today. Too funny,,, so I told her she earned herself a long luxurious nap! How very exciting! I am also getting ready for the weekend. I have some ironing to do and pick out my outfits for the weekend. We are heading down Sat. for an awards ceremony and such on Sat. evening and then we will have the fun of Graduation on Sunday at 2. Then I bring my babies home for the summer. I can't wait! I miss them terribly when they are at school, although I am thinking I need to do something about the internet thing because I can't watch my shows on the computer and Paul can't play video games with the same connection. Ahhh the dilemmas! So I will just have to figure something out! Although he is very courteous about asking before he just takes the connection.

I'm not sure what I want to wear this weekend. I don't know how warm is it going to be as Mother Nature is sure to play a naughty trick on us and turn up the heat just for the weekend. We are having temps in the 50's all week till Friday when they are to jump up to the mid to upper 70's. OYY! I also need to get a pair of shoes for this event too. Humm... I hate shoe shopping. I have fat feet!

I do need to do some ironing too this week, which is slipping away rather quickly. So I had better get moving!