Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Evolution HUMMM

The thing about relationships is every single one we have make us evolve (change is such a negative word) a bit some more than others and some people more than others.While a leopard can't change it's spots it is essentially a leopard and will do the survival leopard things he will evolve a bit say when he comes into contact with a human who shoots at him or accidentally almost runs him over with a car or something yep that leopard learned, grew, evolved from that relationship albeit short relationship. Humans do that same thing we all say "I hate change," yeah for the most part yep I hate change or evolution on a small scale, but as I look at my life and see how I have evolved into what I am today, it's amazing.
Some changes that have happened in my life that at the time I really despised were, Mom going to work when I was little (about 3), being put into a Catholic School for 7th grade, the loss of a close high school friend and boyfriend, these were all changes I had no control over but everyone of those changes has helped me to evolve.
Then there are the other changes, changes we our selves bring about that we hate are those changes that can cause measurable pain, for me it was my divorce, but for my sanity and happiness it had to happen or I wouldn't have done it, it wasn't a decision I made over night it was a matter of years of thinking and agonizing and those of you who really know me well know what I mean by agonizing.
This Evolving Process isn't just about the changes we hate but changes for the good.. and there have been plenty mostly choices that brought about change and a few of those were, getting married, having my kids, adopting Huntzberger aka Bear, and more recently choosing to move 150 miles to be with some of the most wonderful people in the world, not that my friends and family in Meadville weren't, but these people are just as wonderful and love me just as much in such a short amount of time! The interesting thing about this process is the changes that affect me either type, touch those in my life which cause them to evolve too. The changes in my life are seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme of society but how we react to this process is directly effected by society and therefore an integral part of society, so by the evolution process we experience personally on a daily basis is a part of how we evolve as a society.
I know as surely as I'm breathing there will be more changes, changes in the form of choices and changes that will happen that I can't do a darn thing about which I guess helps us keep evolving into who we will be when the time comes for the final and last change