Monday, February 22, 2010

What a week!

This has been a rather stressful week.  Last Wed. Don came home from his mom's in the morning and said he was going to take her into the ER because she had been having chest pains for a couple three days.  OYY!  She said she wanted to go get checked out because I wasn't going to be home all day and Don would be at work.  That was the smartest thing I think she could have done because she was feeling alright while in the ER but they were going to run some tests and keep her so I asked if she wanted me to stay home but she said she would be fine and I told her I would stop and see her when I got back.  Well about an hour after I left she had a heart attack in the ER, they were going to send her to Erie anyway but they life flighted her and she went straight to the cath lab and they put 2 stints in the mail artery which was 100% blocked. 

There have been some minor complications... first her kidney function isn't the greatest and that contrast dye they use can be hard on them, and then her blood pressure dropped really low and as did her blood count so they gave her 2 units of blood and I asked her if she was feeling better but she said she wasn't.  She hasn't been eating to good either which I am sure that has something to do with her being weak.  As the days go on I am believing that she will end up in a TCU unit for a bit to gain her strength back so she can come home.  I think things remain to be seen, I can only wonder how many more hits her health can take and still be able to live alone at home.  I guess I shouldn't both myself with it because Don is the one that will be making decisions about her care and welfare.

So today I want to continue with my Wii workouts and work on the basement and get it cleaned up and work on Project Declutter! 

I would also love to do something really creative today too... so I guess I should get busy busy busy!!!

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  1. Almost exactly a year ago I was transfused two units of packed red cells, which was supposed to make me feel better, but it did take a couple of days to take effect. Keep in mind, there was otherwise NOTHING WRONG WITH ME. Blood tranfusion is a major help, but it's not magic.