Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Of computers and MILs

Ohhh these last week so has had it's moments let me tell you.  First MIL isn't strong enough to come home so they bring her down here to the rehab part of the hospital here.  She has issues with drugs because she has bad kidneys so she doesn't process drugs or anything for that matter right, so basically the doctor is having trouble adjusting her meds.  She is really tired, weak and sometimes dizzy not to mention nauseous.  One of the reasons she might be this way is she doesn't eat well at all... she tells them that she is too full and can't eat much. I watched her eat she maybe eats 4 or 5 tiny bites and says she is done, at this rate she isn't going to get stronger and be able to come home.  Her mind is there so she should know she needs to eat more but she won't and it is frustrating.  She says she is not going to a nursing home but I can't see if she doesn't start getting better she is going to run out of days that her insurance will pay and she will have to either go somewhere where someone can be with her, which she has no where to go (and I highly doubt she would come here we don't have the room, and I probably would drive her nuts) or a home.  I have no clue why I should even be concerned about this because like I said she has her mind and it comes right down to her doctor making the decision.  I am thinking I should distance myself from the whole thing, as I think it makes me a bit anxious.  So in keeping with that I am moving on now...

Ok Friday and Saturday were two really fun days... I spent quite a lot of them working on my computer because when it rebooted itself after the windows update of Feb 25 it was all mucked up!  First it said my profile wasn't there and then when I tried to reset it an earlier time it would load for a few seconds then get the blue screen and then it would reboot and say it was recovering from a bad shutdown and count down the 30 seconds and load windows it would turn blue and shut down and it was a vicious vicious circle. Finally I got it to work by shutting off a couple programs one of which being Symantic (knew I hated that software) and then it loaded correctly and has been behaving well. Although everytime I reboot or turn it on I hold my breath thinking I will be seeing blue any second.  Computers they are marvelous when they work right and when they don't you just want to throw them out the window! 

Not that that was enough this evening Don says what did you send me, what's this?  I looked and here it was a spammed email that like an idiot I opened it and it sent it's self to everyone in my yahoo books.  GRRR!!!!!! So disregard any emails you received me.  I did try to let everyone know that it was not from me, with one from me, and then there was one that I forgot to put the text in the email so it is blank... oops... I have been a bit tired this evening.  So I haven't sent any real emails... oyy! 

So tomorrow is a new day and I'm looking forward to going to the gym and working out after my dentist appt. and then seeing my friend tomorrow as they need hair cuts! 

I hope the weather is good, it is March for goodness sakes... the snow needs to recede so the crocuses can come up!!

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  1. I didn't open any of them.. they seemed suspicious and not like something you would send!