Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Talking Fridge!

Husband and I were cleaning out the refridgerator/freezer this morning and the man has to narrate everything that is in there and complain about what is too old to eat and whatnot. Needless to say in about 30 min he achieved not only getting the fridge/freeze emptied out but gave me a headache the size of mount Rushmore! Trust me I have seen Mt. Rushmore so I know how big it is and this head ache rivals it.
So as he is going out to take out the garbage he says maybe I should ask your Dad to if he has one more lecture in him to get you to throw stuff away. I laughed because he is sooo the wrong person to even think about telling me to throw anything away as he is a bigger pack rat than I am. Just ask my mom. Anyhow, I am standing there kinda laughing about that and thinking about clutter and I am looking at my fridgerator door and think to myself… you know you can tell a lot about person by what their refridgerator doors look like.
This is what mine says about me…..

The multiple photos of my kids say I love to see their faces…

The family photo I have says I love my family as a whole…

The one or two photos of friends tell you how dear I hold them.,,,

The calendar tells you that I am a busy person and lose things easily because it has to be someplace in a very central place….

The many magnets tell where I have been or where someone we love has been the Eeyore magnet was a gift from a friend I love my gift.

The rest of the magnets hold some sort of information.

The last thing on the fridges tells you I have a bad memory, as it is a little tablet for making lists of things I need to get in town.

So what does your refrigerator door say about you?


  1. Great post Marianne, hope your head gets better.

    My fridge is totally bare, what does that say. I do have a notice board in the kitchen though.

  2. My fridge -- and freezer -- covered by magnets and stuff (I'm trying to throw away the greeting cards, but they're not mine...). I guess they're a symptom of what the whole house looks like. I will never dig out of this mess.