Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good morning,,, I had a wonderful trip but like they say There is No Place Like HOME! It is amazing I thought I would take off the rest of the week in the shop and just get things done and spend some time with Laurie and the boys, however it is already Sat. and I haven't even seen them yet. Well I did work out with Laurie but haven't seen the boys! It is amazing how quickly one gets back into the rat race.

The thrilling activities that have kept me busy for the last week sound a little like this,,, laundry, looking for misplaced things ( I think I might have misplaced my memory somewhere too) prep for this card workshop today, and finally the most time consuming thing was talking on the phone! HOLY Cow... I have spent a ton of time on the phone since I got back,,, mostly clients calling since I told them all not to call until after the 18th. I also worked about 10 hours the first day,,, holy cow my body forgot how to react to cement. I was sooo sore... if I had been an old rocking chair I would have creaked at every slight movement.

Today is going to be a fun day of playing with paper... whaa whoo,,, first this morning I'm teaching a card making class.. we will be making 32 cards in a morning/afternoon. Then this evening I'm hosting a crop at Scraptowners Clubhouse, focusing on techniques... I LOVE techniquey stuff! I'll post the cards and page we will be making this evening later. :)

Ohhh and I'm still oops there is the phone... gotta run.... let the race begin...


  1. Glad you got home safely, and that you still feel like writing. Enjoy your day of playing with paper!