Friday, November 13, 2009

Vacation is Exhausting...

But Super Fabulous.... You can't believe how much fun I'm having! I have seen sooo much awesome stuff! I have had a great time with Vern. Apparently I have been really busy since I haven't posted since Tue. Goodness... lets see,, this is Friday,,, goodness... Hard to remember back to Wed. Goodness... lets see......

Well we got up Wed morning... and left Hot Springs Nebraska, which was really cool to see steam coming off the creek that ran through town. It was only something like 31 degrees up in those mountains... haha OK they were the Black Hills! (they do look a lot like our mountains back here... LOL) I didn't have any cell service there.

It didn't take long before we were out of those "hills" and back to the flat rolling wide open spaces and on our way to Chimney Rock...which was a long drive... LOL I lost count of the hours between stuff. Anyhow, it is truly amazing when you are driving up on it. I kept trying to imagine how the settlers felt as they approached this majestic monument, (gosh I need a thesaurus).

When we got there we realized it was Veteran's day and the visitors center was closed, but we still got lots of photos and we even drove up to the look out point and there was a cemetery there with dates on the headstones dating back in the late 1800's I can only imagine how many people buried loved ones there and moved on because they had no choice. The really sad thing about this is most of those were of children under the age of 2 or so.

We then went on to see Courthouse Rock which is another rock formation about 4 miles from Chimney rock,, we could see it off in a distance. Right next to it is the rock they called Jail Rock I guess you were convicted at the courthouse and sent

to the jail right next door... LOL

OHHh wait,, before we went to see the rocks we stopped and at a little attraction called Carhenge well here you see... really sorta a fun thing to visit!

After these things we headed down to St. Paul, NE to spend the night with Veronica's Mother In Law who is quite the cool lady! I enjoyed her company, and she was just recuperating from a terrible chest cold. Thank goodness she was on the mend. I also got to meet her brother in law, Jerry, too... a really nice guy! He made the very best peanut butter, chocochip oatmeal or something cookies... ohh They were to die for! Here we are.... Me, Leona, and Veronica, thanks to Jerry taking a photo for us!

So we left there about 1:45 and headed back to Norfolk to relax a bit and get ready to leave this morning.

Today we left about 9:30 and drove to Lincoln, which by the way is the state capital, and the home of her sister Vanessa, who is a really cool person too... she owns this little boutique which is just darling! We had lunch when we got here at Valentino's, which is an Italian buffet with great food! MMMMM Here we are....

Finally Vanessa needed some help with decorating her little boutique which Veronica asked if I minded and I was like... OHH gosh you girls have at it... I need to catch up with my blog and family and such.... She was like well then here is a cool little coffee place called the mill that has wi-fi and is a cool atmosphere... so here I sit in my glory just enjoying the coffee,, which is super yummy and getting to get a better look at some of the photos I have been snapping like a wild woman who has never seen a camera before! Sometimes Vern just looks at me and shakes her head at the things I have taken photos of... and sometimes she say... Look UP.... when I'm either looking at the dog or something with my camera when something cool comes along...

I'm sure people are wondering at me sitting here smiling at my computer...I'm listening to a great country music station on my mp3 player and enjoying the down time not in the car and just getting to get all the stuff out of my head. I don't want to forget a min. of my trip here. It has been so great. :)


  1. What an amazing landscape that is with those rock formations.

    Enjoy your coffee break

  2. Wow beautiful photos! Wow looks like you are skimming all over the midwest!

  3. I haven't commented but I've read every post. What a wonderful trip!