Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Help I'm lost in O'Hare and I can't find my Gate!!!

Well I had hoped to upload some photos but it seems this little computer is illequiped to resize them sooo I will have to do that from Verns....

My day started really early like 6:45 AM and I ran to the lab at the hospital for routine bloodwork and to get little guy while Laurie had a quick test so I met her there and brought him home with me to suck up some snuggles before I left.

After he left I finished up the little bit of stuff I had to do to finish getting ready and to shower and do my hair... sooo got that done and was ready to leave at a few min after noon when hubby came to take me to the airport.

Got to the airport in Pitts got all checked in and like I have said I'm not afraid of flying it is the airports I'm afraid of... LOL got through security and it was good... then got to my gate and had time to gawk like a real tourist. The planes facinate me! So I enjoyed the whole window scene. Got to see my plane come in unloade and load... it was really cool.

So the flight was neat,,, I had a window seat and enjoyed not having someone sit next to me. There was a guy two seats over on the isle who worked for Prudue flying home to Indiana. He was nice. I did enjoy a diet coke and the view it was a great time a little bumpy going through the clouds but not bad.

So I land at O'Hare and I get off the plane and I haven't a clue what I was expecting but it wasn't what I thought... LOL a bit overwhelming... and I realized I had no idea what gate my next flight was. By now the fam had gotten my texts that I was landed and were calling me to I told them... help I'm lost in O'hare and I can't find my gate....ohhh wait I haven't a clue what gate I will be using. So like a good confused person I went to United's customer service and asked, they gave me good directions and I found the best sandwich I had ever eated,, maybe I was just hungery... but it was good,, and I learned what a baget is... a mini loaf of bread... I ate half of mine. It was wonderful though. Then I ate a really really good chocolate chip cookie,,, mmmm so I'm standing there talking to Vern when I tell her that now I know what the little loopy on my bag was for.. giggle it is for the other carryon.... uhh duh... I tried to attach mine upside down...ohhh how polish,, and I'm not entirely sure I would have made this public other than the fact I have had 2 glasses of wine... LOL YUM!!! Here's to you Aunt Jane!!!!!!

Now I have to pay my check and head off to the gate. I'm really enjoying this traveling thing!

I will up load those photos when I get to Vern's late tonight... if I'm not sleeping... LOL

So I am headed up into the night sky here in about an hour and 45 min.

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  1. OH goodness sounds like you've had quite the adventure already! Can't wait to see some of your other pictures!