Friday, November 6, 2009

We are still at the crop as I speak. I am hopefully cutting the last of the snowflakes for the first layout I started today at the first class. I'm hoping this should finish this layout! It is really cute I'll post the photo later when it is finished.

On the drive up today I got some cool photos of typical Nebraska farmland, rolling fields... it is sooo pretty. I'll be posting those later too... but it was a nice drive up.

I got a photo of me in the Omaha airport.. this isn't the luggage carousel I got my luggage from but it was a good photo op without a bunch of people in it.

Gotta remember I'm tired, sore from carrying that heavy computer bag and now have a big suitcase to drag along too... OYY! I look for 11 PM! I know why when people travel they need a day to recoup. LOL It was a good trip but it seemed like a long time!

My snowflakes are almost done cutting so I am going to get back to scrapping and will post from the motel if I don't pass out. :)

Hi family I miss and love you!!!

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  1. You had all that luggage? Woman did you move in?