Sunday, November 15, 2009

The party is over...

Well today was my last day here,,, I fly out tomorrow at 4:40, which means we have to leave here about 11:30. Yesterday was fun, got up and spent the day with Jordan, Vern's daughter down in Beatrice (be at tris) where I ate 2 of the most wonderful meals.. one was the evening we got there which was Fri. evening at the Back Alley Eatery, I had a pulled pork sandwich that was to die for... as a matter of fact I even bought some BBQ sauce to bring home... good lord I packed it already and I hope it doesn't spoil before I get home tomorrow. OYY! OHh well.. anyhow... it was great... and then I ate at a Runza, which is a name of a restaurant with a sandwhich well more like a stromboli if you ask me... very very good... ground beef and cabbage and I had cheese on mine but they come in regular, cheese, and swiss and mushroom. They also had the best onion rings with the best sauce...mmmmmmm loved it! It was made of sour cream, cream cheese and some dressing. I can't remember what though. hummm... The other great thing about Runza is the fact that they have diet Mt. Dew fountain pop. I was so in heaven! I was great. Runza's are only in NE and a couple other states out here... I have photos to post but they are still in the camera, I'll do that from home.

Today Vern hubby made us a great brunch of fluffly belgian waffles with sausage and then for dinner we had homemade deep dish Chicago pizza, I did get the recipe. MMM it was awesome! I can imagine this as a vege pizza... but his was great... I so enjoyed it, other than eating her hubby's great cooking,,, I packed and repacked and shifted and weighted my luggage OYY! I did get it down to the suit cases I brought and a priority mail box that we have to mail in the morning before heading out. I just had a smidge too much stuff to take back. I could have gotten it in however it would have put me over the limit so I'll just mail it!

I have had an awesome trip with great people! Although I am missing my husband dearly and can't wait to see him tomorrow evening. I land in Pitts. at 9:40 something. I'm so happy!!!

I'll post a photo of all the stuff I brought back sometime Wed. :) as I will be going to see my sweet little nephew's on Tue, and going to the gym and spending the evening with Don. Whaa whoo... I can't wait to see him!

More on Wed.!

So we got back last night


  1. Have a safe trip home Marianne, glad you had a great time.

  2. You seem comfortable on blogspot; I'm glad you did this. I enjoyed following your travels.