Thursday, May 9, 2013

The sad but truth.....

is that nobody will ever accuse me of being intelligent where men are concerned.  I zig when I should zag, I hop when I should hip I just can't do what I need to at the right time.  I always tell my kids that they should learn something from everything they do.  Even if it is to just learn the name of your vitamins that don't hurt your stomach.  Sometimes life is chuck full of thest lessons and sometimes we go along with nary a bump inthe road for a while with no lessons to be learned (and that should teach us to appreciate that time).  

This last couple of weeks have been full of "lessons" for me, and unfortunately like remembering my times tables I need to be reminded that I really need to be practicing them everyday to keep them fresh in my mind! Although unlike my times tables which  just has me reaching for a calculator these lessons were a bit harder learned, which usually means the bosses office with the door closed.  Yep got called on the carpet not bad but nonetheless a good stern look makes me want to cry and run for cover (dang rock where is it when I need it? re. the one I live under). I really did deserve it!  So I have made the necessary changes and well... for me I feel like I am not living up to my potential but this is what the boss wants. This lesson I don't think I will ever learn.  Sometimes I wish I could just really zip my lips!  

The other lesson is really a two parter.  As a general rule I stay away from men who are out of bounds... but sometimes there are some grey areas... which really shouldn't be grey but to rationalize them I let them be grey.  I really need to practice leaving well enough alone and walking away, not a skill I'm good at... but one I need to learn to save heartache and grief! I think I am done practicing these lessons for one week, and will just stick with playing with paper and thankfully doing hair.  The funny thing is if I had stuck to doing just that I wouldn't need the alll this instruction!

All that aside,,, I had called a friend and he was busy and couldn't talk and I didn't think a thing of it... but a day or so later which was last night he called and apologized that he couldn't talk to me and offered to leave me alone... he is really a sweet guy,,, I have reservations about him though he is like uhhmmm alot alot younger than me,, but he doesn't seem it,,, and he says I don't see my age!  LOL funny thing is he thought I was 10 yr younger than what I was! Talk about flattered! I really am looking forward to the next time I see him, which will probably be next weekend,, since I have been going up there he wants to come down here,, so I think that would be great! Sooo I need to get this place in shape by then! 

Let us hope for a lesson free week!  OHH one other lesson I learned 3 days is tooo long to let the litterbox goooo PEEEE UUUUUUUUUU!

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