Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time, Another New Guy, and Opportunities!

I wonder why time grows bigger and better wings the older we get?? !  Lets see when I was a kid didn't really know or care about time,,, except for how far from Christmas it was!  When I was a teen I didn't think it could pass fast enough there was always something I wasn't old enough to do so I wanted time to pass quickly to be able to do that something,,, then all that important stuff happened,,, married, kids, time was the best then,,, I enjoyed every min and cherished it!  Absolutely amazing space of time... then it started to speed up as the kids were growing and before I knew it the days turned into weeks months and then the reminiscence of the years the kids were in school and then college... and now... the weeks fly by with little fanfair! 

I always thought that it was silly when people got all upset over certain milestone birthdays... I still don't do that but I get the whole "life is toooo short" thing! Although then I think to myself truly living is getting the most out of every min. choosing to enjoy the moment that is here and now, for we don't know when it is all over, we hope we have years to come but we don't really know for sure. So.... I am choosing to enjoy what life has to offer right now!  

Right now I have lots to enjoy,,, lets see,,, I have met a new person... yep another one.. and yeah I know they usually don't last long... LOL but... he is sweet, good hearted, sincere, happy, has some of the same interests as I do, and some of the same goals... one of which is to just be happy... I hope he is as into me as I am into him.  He is alot younger than I am ,, and it is too funny that we were both thinking the other one was closer to our age than what it really was, but he isn't jailbait so alls fair in love and war right??  He doesn't have a problem so why should I.  I am sure we will talk about it again,,, I want to make sure he understands the big picture and let him make the decision to go forward with or without me. The funny thing is I find him sooo interesting I can't wait to get to see him again to just talk about what he has done and learned.  I can't wait to share anything and everything with him.  Talking to him is like a good book,,, one you can't put down one that you don't want to ever end.  

I am not real big on the whole new dating scene but I am trying to make the best of it.  Unfortunately working nights and not going to bars and living under a rock doesn't make things easy for local dating.  He is from W VA  giggle I know he does have all his teeth,,,and has never dated a cousin!  He actually spent most of his life in the New England states anyway.  He also has better sewing machines than I there is a man after my own heart! He works hard and doesn't want anything handed to him.  He really impressed the hell right out of me!

Hey speaking of that,,, I was working the other night when this guy and his friends came into the hotel and I checked them in and a bit later they came down to head to the store and when they came back the 2 guys stopped at the desk and he gave me his business card and told me I impressed the hell out of him and he wants me to apply at the company he works at and would like me to use him as a reference if I were wanting to relocate.  I am seriously thinking about it!  Life is worth living right??  I have almost 2 yrs in the hotel business and a few years in the restaurant business, and 18 yrs of being self employed customer service doing hair.  Yeah I think I am can handle customer service.  I also had an offer with a lady I met at the perfume counter at Macy's who wants me to get my resume together to help place me in a better paying job!  Sooo I need to get to work on that!  Speaking of working,,, it is 3 pm already and I need to get some sleep!

Before I go I like to toot my own horn a bit this past week,,, I have done a few projects to improve my home... first I turned my door around and did 90% of the work but did have to have Don come and help me which didn't take much time once he was here.  That makes my apt sooo much nicer and now when you enter you come into the kitchen/all-purpose area instead of the bedroom and with the door opening the other way,,, it can open all the way up the old way it hit the doorway! The next thing I did was today I put up a new clock in the all-purpose room and finally I got at it and replaced that broken toilet seat!  I had a devil of a time getting it off... some idiot didn't use plastic bolts they used a metal one that of course rusted solid and getting it off what a nightmare without having a grinder or a decent cutting wheel for my drummel, but I did finally get it off and was pretty proud of myself! We won't tell anyone about the big chip in the bottom of the hole where the bolt to holds the seat on.  It works!  OHHH now I just need to get the kitchen table fixed and more crap organized for the yard sale which has to be postponed because of work,,, I guess there are a few people with kids graduating and my relief is now on the front desk 3 days and he will be needed on those weekends so I will be having to swap some nights off the next couple of weeks! OYY!  Ohh well.. lets see... it can't all be bad.  I'll find something fun!

Now I'm yawning so I'm going to post this and head off to bed! I hope all is well for everyone reading this!

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