Thursday, May 9, 2013

Band-Aide philosophy

I'm sure we have all heard it said to "just rip it off quickly" when it comes to band aides, well the same philosophy can be applied to many painful situations, like breaking up with someone, or actual band aides, getting your broken finger set are just a few of the situations that it is better to just do it quickly and move on so the sting/pain can go away, and you can get on with life!  

I have been dating for what 8 to 10 months now... hummm let see,,, most of the people I haven't cared enough about to even think of this philosophy but this past day or so I have thought of nothing but that!  The band aid was only 4 days old when it decided it best to be ripped off which honestly hurt like hell.  How can that short of a time period cause a rip that bad??  Then to find out that removal of said band aid was not necessarily the band aid's first desire but more of a prior commitment.  I had not intended for this band aide to become so attached as I knew there were no guarantees it would be with me till it became a permanent part of me.  4 days.... just 4 days,, how does that happen????!!!!!! 

It is easy to remove a band aid that has inferior adhesive even after a period of time they just sorta come loose around the edges and it hurts less and less as those edges lift slowly. It is also usually easy to remove one that is newly adhered because it hasn't had time to really settle in and get stuck really tight, however this band aid had an adhesive to me sorta like what kryptonite is to Superman or a bryer to a favorite pair of pants. I don't know how it happened other than having lots in common with this band aide and apparently the chemistry was too overpowering to stop the extremely tight bond it had on me in just, did I mention,,, 4 DAYS!!! 

The scary thing is even though this removal has hurt like hell I can honestly say that I would do it again! And just like we have all had happen that band aide that we ripped off and folded up somehow misses the garbage can or somehow finds its way back and while I know this band aide should safely stay in that receptacle till there is no more chance it would never ever be there again, and if it should happen to find it can't stay there and should happen to resurface after a time I would welcome it back gladly! 

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