Friday, May 31, 2013

Hummm beginning to see a theme!

I tend to notice patterns in my  life!  And I have noticed a 4 day pattern,,, soo let me see,,, if I can find even  more than the obvious 4's that have been invading my life... or maybe it is the universe trying to tell me to play the big 4 lottery???

Well I wrote a post about the band-aide philosophy that fiasco was 4 days... a friday till Tue...

Then there was the Sun evening through Thurs evening meet and greet with a very very sweet guy who of course like everyone else lives 3 hrs away,,, hummm bet I could stretch it out to be 4!  

Next and most current is I have 4 days off and going to go camping with a Yahoo friend... this should be rather interesting, and the drive is about get this 4 hours give or take.

Hummm lets see,,, I just need one more to have a complete set of 4!  I just wanted to share my Quad fecta!!!  I am hoping to have a really good time I plan on take a bunch of scrapbooking and cardmaking stuff to work on.  :) I better get packing if i am to leave on my Sat through Wed adventure and I will let you all know how much fun I have when I get back!

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