Saturday, April 13, 2013


I have been pondering this question for as along as I have been on these dating sites! Sigh are there any guys out there NOT so ingrained with sports they have other activities on their mind other than sex... which sometimes they are too polite to say it but I think when they say sports they really mean sex!  My headline has gotten quite a bit of attention,,, it reads...  Wanna Play??!!  OK no maybe the word play has some implications I didn't mean it to have... and wasn't really thinking that way,, cause I am uhhh duhh,,, stupid,, however I do  mean it for the innocent implication which some have gotten... expecially if they have taken the time to read my little "about me" section,,, which by the way I so hate never know what to say,, "yep I'm weird message me to find out???" I liked this one guy's he said,,,"There is no way I can tell you all about me here so if you want to know message me." So I did,,  It was a good one I thought,,, OYYY I am sure that I won't find my soulmate under any of these premises!  But it will be nice to get out of the house sometimes... grin,, speaking of which have a date tonight movies and here for drinks... yikes... I sooo need to clean,,, 

Of course then there is Anthony,, you know if that boy would give me any indications of how he feels about me it would be better,, but I think he is one of those macho guys who has to uhm have everything right before he can possibly say how he feels.. oyy!  He has the ability to make me sooo dang happy and so dang mad I could scream!  So the jury is still out and I am not stopping my quest while he may or may not be getting ready to tell me he has feelings for me... he did tell me he missed me the other day on the phone, that was nice. I have also decided not to count the times he told me he loved me while being intoxicated, so that leaves me in the "what the hell does he think and feel about me" boat. 

In other news... I have been very sick.  It all began on Tue, I got up with somewhat of a tooth ache in my upper very back molar which had a crown on it.  I didn't think I ever had a crown put on without a root canal so I was thinking this can't be an abscess so I went to work and by morning it was hurting pretty good. Enough to make me stop at the dentist office on the outside chance they would work me in,, they did better however they gave me an apt. for 11 by this time I was in sooo much pain I did take an old vicodin before I left.  I get in there and yep it is abscessed,,, and he does a root canal.  Usually after this is done it takes about 24 hours before the pain is all gone but it gets better over the 24.  I go to work Wed  night and have a hard time working as it is hurting terribly and I am taking a pain pill here and there thankfully morning comes and I come home and go to bed, forgetting about a client that wanted her bangs done so she wakes me and I do her hair,,, and go right back to bed,,, still in pain and not feeling well.  I wake up close to 4 call the dentist office and tell them that it is getting worse... so they call in an antibiotic and more vicodin ohhhh it was terrible having to go get it but I did and got back home took the medicine and went back to bed.  Got up and went to work feeling horrible, but couldn't afford to miss work and I wasn't contagious I was running a fever at this point didn't realize it because it came on slowly but by 4 am I couldn't take it and called my mgr and asked if there was anyway I could get someone in to relieve me.  So I finished I work and waited with some help from my friend Carol who delivered my papers for me.. I owe her! My relief rolled in at about 6:30... whaa whoo half an hour early but still it was better than nothing. I came home and tried to cancel my hair apts for the day  but only got ahold of one so I did the first and left a note for the 2nd and went to bed.  I was still in so much pain I didn't want to even move my eyes...since my stomach was feeling sick I decided to do Alevve instead of pain pills and when I woke when Kay got here I was feeling better NO fever... thankfully,,, I was beginning to feel better... she left and I ate some cream of wheat and went back to sleep... and slept waking only to look at the time about 8 times from 4 pm till I got up at 8 am this morning,,, Im tired and my mouth still hurts but the pain is manageable and centralized in my tooth not throughout my head like it was.

I think I might clean up and shower then sleep till time to get ready for my date!  whaa whoo!  

I hope everyone is having a good day!

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