Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Anniversary of the Cell Phone

The cell phone turned 40 yesterday,,, and I got a text from a special friend telling me that.  I already knew this because a while back he was telling me about that,,, and it is a very ironic that he makes his living of those very apperatices, and it is also very very ironic that he turned 40 yesterday too.  Yes ladies and gents I am sorta dating seeing or something a younger man.  Although he sometimes acts like it and sometimes.. not.

I often thought I wanted more passion and emotion and enthusiasm well I got it,,, I can honestly say that I now have that!  I love the way he grins when he is thinking something mischievous, I love the way he appreciates things about me that I never knew I did or was, I also love the way  he chuckles and I can hear the smile on his face over the phone.  The down side is he can also make me so furious I could scream... but in his defense he told me in one of the early conversations we had he said he would at some point make  me want to slap him..I said "OHHH no  you won't,,, I'm not like that," I said...well lets see,,, yep he was true to his word,,, but the funny thing is I love the package,,, He has a way of diffusing my anger when all I want to do is yell at him,,, he says something which totally takes the wind out of my sails and somehow makes me smile and I can't help but not be angry any more.  Not sure if he does this on purpose or if he does it without thinking.  I'm not sure but I think he is really cool!

Soooo other than that working is going well... I do love my shift,,, and I am sooo very proud of myself, I got my tax exempt to balance,,, found an error that made me off by $90 that if I do say so myself... was not an easy thing to find.  I guess while I am blowing my own horn I should mention that I got not one but two glowing and I mean gushing, the people stayed one night after the other one asked for comment card the other emailed Holiday Inn... whaa whoo... amazing,,, and they mentioned me by name!! How cool is that,, usually it is the front desk girls that get all the accolades!  It is just really cool... and I appreciated the time they took to leave the wonderful words!!!!

Well it is once again bedtime!! I hope life is being good to you!!!

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